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Lots more funding requests approved !!

Since September 2023 lots of funding requests have been approved by the PTA.  Below are some photos of items the PTA has purchased for the students.  Post 16, Starlight, and Tropical, many more items have been purchased for other classes.

The PTA has so far funded 16 requests with a total of £2879.97 being spent, without £2500 we currently have to update the Sensory Garden.  This means more than £5000 will have been approved to enhance the lives of the students.

Items include

Sensory Toys - Christmas Gift from the PTA

Shuttle Pens - Christmas Gift from the PTA

Outdoor Connect 4 and Djembe Drums

Puzzles and 4 in 1 Activity Games

Light Up Toys

Sensory Toys

Piano, Jenga and Fish Game

Items for the Students to make/sell at the Christmas Fayre

Outdoor Play Equipment

Swimming Toys, Equipment

Outdoor Chalk Boards

Easter Eggs and Gifts

and the Pantomine which was a huge success!!

Post 16 basket ball 1.jpeg
RD pool toy.jpg
HH Pool toy.jpg
post 16 basket ball 2.jpeg

Asia class requested some new games

Image - Copy (5).jpeg
Image - Copy (7).jpeg
Image - Copy (6).jpeg
Image - Copy.jpeg

Asia class requested some new board games to play during their downtime. 

As you can see, they are being thoroughly enjoyed and are already being made good use of. 

The PTA was very happy to approve the request and as you can see by the pupil's faces, they are a huge hit. 



Gaming Club request a new Xbox

The Gaming Club was getting tired and bored of the same games so they requested some new equipment and an Xbox Live pass for new games!


This allows for the opportunity to play more cooperative games for the 10-12 players that attend on a weekly basis!

The children were thrilled when their request was granted!


Sensory items for Rainforest class

Rainbow class requested funding for some sensory items for the class.  

The request was for "sensory toys for self-regulation, independent choosing, intensive interaction, and puzzles for fun!

The children have all enjoyed the new items, thanks to the PTA agreeing to fund the items.

Also, thank you to the class for the fantastic "thank you" painting we received.

Below are a few photos of the new toys and sensory items.


New items for the Ten Tours Team

ten tours 2_edited.jpg

Robyn requested funding for the children to have new hoodies, polo shirts, and a flag just like the other schools participating in the event.  Mill Ford Friends were more than happy to agree to the funding, and just look how good they looked!

Robyn said, "The team looked amazing and certainly professional!

Thanks for the funding, it did make them feel smart and special".

Receiving a comment like that is exactly why we work so hard to raise funds for the children, and makes it all worthwhile!

Mill Ford Friends also received a request from Simon, requesting funding for new inner sleeping compartments for the tent.  Of course, we obliged and now going forward they have the basic equipment to continue their participation in the event.

A massive well done and we are all very proud of your achievement!

For more photos please see our new blog page!

ten tours 10.jpg
ten tours 3.jpg
ten tours 6_edited.jpg
ten tours 2_edited.jpg
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